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AGROSENS: Wireless sensor networks for precision agriculture

Start/End: 2009-2012
Fund: European Fund for Regional Development / Picardy Regional Council
Partners: INRA (National Institute of Agronomics), AgroTransfert Resources and Territories. HEUDIASYC lab
Abstract: The aim of this project is the design and development of a WSN platform for precision agriculture. We deal with several operational and technology challenges such as scalability, data storage and retrieval, dimensioning space and time sampling, etc. The platform will be used as a tool that helps farmers to make decisions on agricultural tasks and scientists to develop/improve agronomic models.

Testbed: We developed a testbed using CrossBow sensors (MicaZ, TelosB) (cf. figure below). Nodes are equipped with atmospheric sensors (temperature, light, humidity) and connected to soil moisture/temperature sensors (EC5 from Decagon). We developed a secure energy saving routing protocol to collect data from sensors towards the base station for agriculture decision making.

SUPGEST: Wireless sensor networks for rehabilitation

Start/End: 2009/2012
Fund: National Scientific Research Center (CNRS)/UTC Federation SHIC 3272
Partner: BMBI Biomechanical and Bioengineering CNRS/UTC Joint lab, HEUDIASYC lab
Abstract: The aim of this project is the design and development of WSN platform for rehabilitation. The WSN will be used to measure some parameters of a patient movement (acceleration, speed, etc.) and feed a biomechanical model that will reproduce the movement and help both patients and doctors in rehabilitation.
We also designed a eHealth communication architecture for a secure storage and retrieval of sensed data over the cloud..
Testbed: We developed a testbed based on the Shimmier platform. We developed an efficient and reliable delay tolerant MAC protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4 for collecting data from sensors to the base station running the biomechanical model of the arm.